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This portion of the site is for all of you who like to book on your own. Please use these links to get great deals on all your travel needs.


All of these pages have been vetted so you know that you won't get the short stick when booking. My goal is to provide you with the best and most relaible information available.


There will often be times I will be able to help you in case of emergency when booking here. Any bookings not made directly through these links or by staff will not have the support of Sugarfoot in case of emergency. This is due to the fact that booking on your own gives Sugarfoot no right to act on your behalf according to industry providers.


Sugarfoot always recommends having travel insurance with all bookings and a passport any time you plan to leave your country of residence/citizanship.




Want to book reputable tours across the Caribbean? Look no further than Island Routes. Click the image above to book your shore excursion with a great company.



Book your flights, hotels, and vacation packages by yourself but have the support of a travel agent. Click on the image above to get started today.

Book your hotels by clicking on the photo above.

If you're interested in single or multi-day tours around the world, you've come to the right spot. Click the image above to book cruise shore excursions, day trips, and more!

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