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Flights, accommodation, sometimes meals and a whole range of optional activities. I take care of the details so that you can relax and make the most out of your stay.


With our vacation packages, the world really is your oyster! You can do the research below and then contact Sugarfoot for bookings or I would be happy to help you through the entire process.


Below are just a few of the many options I can offer you around the world.



Africa is a stunning continent and if you've ever wanted to go on a safari, here's your chance! Click on the image to view some great tour options!



Asia is a beautiful continent full of loving people and stunning landmarks. Have your fill of culture, scenery, and religion and click the link for tour options.



Are you interested in a trip to the grat land of Oz? Click on the image to view some great tour options!



Europe is on most people's bucketlist... Is it on yours? Click the image to view some tours that we can offer you.



South America is full of ancient history and jungles and include places such as Brazil, Peru (where Machu Picchu is), and Ecuador (where the Galapagos Islands are). Click the image to view some amazing tours!



Do you want to go back in time and walk the footsteps of those you've read about? Click the image to view tours that take you back to your religious roots.

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