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There is a cruise line for just about anyone. First you have to look at your budget and what you are wanting out of your experience. Cruise vacations departing from the US will be cheaper than the same cruise line going out of another country because you will have to factor in the cost of flights.


Economical and moderate budgets have been combined because location, destination, room type and cruise length all factor in to decide which is cheapest for you vs what is more expensive.





Carnival is probably one of the most economical options for cruising. It is very budget friendly, constantly running specials, and are geared towards younger people and families. They have itineraries all over the US, Caribbean, and Europe so you're bound to find an itinerary you like. Because of how large the ships are, they also have tons of things and social events for people of all ages to do while on the boat.

Celebrity is a cruise line for those who seek more of the finer things. They pride themselves on bringing superior quality at an intelligent price. If you were to describe these large ships, "style" and "class" would be just some of the words you would use. These ships also sail around the world so your options are plentiful.

Costa is an Italian cruise line which travels around the world and has one of the most modern fleets in the Mediterrean. They exude "Italian Style". Costa is now owned by Carnival so you will see a lot of the same designers' work on the newer ships. This cruise line has passengers from a mix of languages and announcements will be made in many of them. They also do a great job of breaking down the language barriers with activities that get you involved with one another.

Disney is the only one of its kind specializing in cruising for kids and those who are kids at heart. If you are looking for a truly spectacular experience while at sea and land and/or you LOVE Disney, this cruise line is for you. Although they are at a higher price point, you will love the smiles you will get from being on this ship as well as the included room service and sodas. Their itineraries include North & South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Hurtigruten is a unique cruise line that specializes in sailing through icy waters due to having its start as a freight liner in Norway. With itineraries sailing through South America, North America, Europe, Caribbean, Iceland, and Antartica you are bound to find an adventure you like. Hurtigruten wants to help you travel in an authentic, unique, and natural style. With this cruise line, you are looking for more of an adventure than luxury.

Princess is a wonderful option for those of you who are wanting a bit more of an adult experience. These ships tend to have fewer children, altough, when there are enough kids, their programs are very good and educational. Princess is known for bringing the destination to you with talks about where you're going and serving local cuisine on the way to your destination anywhere in the world.

Royal Caribbean is an innovative cruise line which seeks out customers who are looking for a bit more of an experience while on board. They are known for their innovation at sea with all the architectual marvels they install with each new renovation. They also have a fleet of large ships so if you are looking for a very social and techonological environment for you and the family, this is it. People who travel with Royal Caribbean will also love that their fleet sails all over the world.

Norwegian is a great option for those of you who prefer a bit more freedom with your cruise. They specialize in "freestyle" cruising which allows you to choose from multiple dining and entertainment venues. Norwegian creates a laid-back atmosphere where passengers are in control and kids have plenty of things to do. Want some alone time at port? No worries! Norwegian is there with a port program for your children free of charge.

Virgin Voyages is one of a kind as they are an ADULT ONLY cruise line operating in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. This brand doesn't have the traditional buffetts but rather numerous smaller, ala carte dining options. And although you cannot purchase an alcohol package, they have priced all of their beverages comparable to your local bar so no more paying  $13/drink.

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