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Some of your more luxurous cruise lines are Azamara, Seabourn, Crystal, Viking and Cunard. These cruise lines are typically more inclusive than other brands in regards to service, alcohol, and shore activities.





American is a luxury riverboat company.  They specialize in itineraries within the USA and Canada. American focus' on educational experiences in which you spend a majority of your time at each destination. While on the ship, activities are at a minimum and children are not common onboard but there are several opportunities to engage others as well as attend lectures by historians.

Avalon is a luxury riverboat company.  They specialize in itineraries within the Europe, China, Asia, and the Americas including the Galapagos Islands. Their ships feature rooms with floor to ceiling windows so you are immersed in your surroundings. Rather than focusing on extravagant entertainment, they provide some of the best enrichment programs around. If you are looking to be fully immersed into your chosen destination, this may be your best option. Click on the image to see tour options.

Azamara is a great cruise line for those of you who are seeking an experience. If you enjoy immersing yourself into a destination, this is the cruise line for you. Azamara is composed of much smaller ships which allow you to go to more remote destinations. This cruise line gives you more time at port than any other cruise line out there. Their itineraries include more overnight stays and they encourage you to spend time on shore experiencing local culture with complimentary excursions and recommendations of things to do.

Crystal is a destination and service focused cruise line. They have a low passenger to crew ratio that allow you to receive exceptional service on this small ship. Crystal is known for its luxurous fleet and caters to affluent travelers in their late 30s and older. There are serval educational programs on board for adults and children and the dining is globally inspired.

Cunard is a great cruise line for those of you who are interested in unique destinations with the world's most famous cruise liners. Cunard is known for their excellence and have one of the strictest dress codes requiring men to wear a jacket to dinner on informal nights. Cunard is for those who are more interested in ballroom dancing, reading in beautiful libraries, and enjoy a delightful afternoon tea rather than rock climbing, clubbing, and keggers. This cruise line brings you back to the Golden Days of cruising.

Seabourn is one of the most celebrated cruise lines in the world and specialize in ultra-luxury travel. If you are looking for a cruise line that has it all, this is an excellent choice. As you can see from the picture, Seabourn provides its own Marina in which you can take out a pedal boat, go water skiing, swim, and more in the waters surrounding the ship! They have a fleet of smaller ships which allow them to go to ports that most large ships cannot get to and while you are on board you can experience their world class service.

U by Uniworld is an ADULT ONLY rive cruise line in Europe. They are geared towards the millennial with a "hipper market". A sister to Uniworld, this line has two ships with a sleek, modern design which boasts mixologists, DJs, Yoga, and communal tables for socialization. They focus on staying at destinations longer so that you have time to enjoy the local nightlife. If you're a young adult looking to liven up the traditional cruise, this may be the option for you.

Viking is known and specialized in European river cruising and is geared towards people 50 and older. Their itineraries are packed with ports and include a shore excursion at every stop. This cruise line is destination-focused meaning that you will spend more time at ports than in the water. The rooms are larger than industry average and the passengers are typically English-speaking  and well traveled. Viking doesn't stop there, they have even expanded their cruise line to accommodate oceanic cruising as well and better yet? They are ADULT ONLY. CLICK the image for current promotions!

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